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How do you describe the style in which you work?

My work is unique in that it is influenced by the rich and decorative18th Century British Romantic tradition. British rustic is unique from its more familiar American cousin, in that its graceful lines follow nature’s whimsy yet suggest the complexity of wrought ironwork.

What is your source material?

I work with a vine called Oriental Bittersweet. Oriental Bittersweet was imported to this country from Asia in the mid-19th Century for use as a decorative vine in the garden. With no natural predators to keep its growth in check, the vines took over gardens and woodlands, killing trees and shrubs by strangulation. Now considered an invasive weed, I am granted permits from various land trusts, The Audubon, towns, parks and hydraulic companies to forage their properties to help rid them of this beautiful, but dangerous vine. In short, my work helps save our beautiful specimen trees while recycling the vines into a functional object of beauty. As such, my work has the distinction of being environmentally correct.

Can the furniture be used outdoors?

Yes. All work is treated with two coats of an oil- based wood preservative plus a final coat of polyurethane. In areas of severe winter weather, the pieces should be covered with a tarp or brought indoors. Many of my clients enjoy bringing their pieces indoors for the winter, as they look as beautiful in a formal living room, bedroom or garden room setting as they do in outdoors setting.

How long can I expect a piece to last?

Like all natural wood products, rustic furniture is vulnerable to the ravages of time and weather. I have clients who have had outdoor pieces for 10 years, while the indoor pieces can last a lifetime. To insure the longevity of the work, proper maintenance is essential including an occasional coating of wood preservative every spring.

Can I order the exact piece as I see it on the website?

No. While no 2 pieces are exactly alike, there is a shared design aesthetic. I enjoy working with each client to customize size and style. Unlike many production line crafts, these handmade one of a kind art pieces cannot be reproduced in multiples.

If I don’t see what I’m looking for on your site, should I assume you do not make it?

Never! I love adding new products and I would be thrilled to hear your ideas. I also enjoy a good design challenge. Several of my landscape clients have come to me with a “problem” and together we’ve come up with some amazing solutions.